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Big Chief VS Chuck In A Battle Of The Giants

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

One of the reasons why “The List” by the 405 Street Outlaws OKC crew is so fun to watch is the variety of races that happen every season. The drivers from Oklahoma City always try to make their cars as fast as possible. With that, every season brings new challengers who want to reach the top.

Chuck Seitzinger and Big Chief are often in the race for number one. But this year, there are many changes in the field that might shake things up a bit. As the season is still young, both Chuck and Chief want to prove themselves and climb up to the top spot.

Photo by Discovery

After the first shake-up, though, they ended up in fifth and sixth place with Chief having a slight edge in the rankings. In this scene, we see Chuck calling out Chief with the goal of moving up and taking his place. But Chief has a new setup and he won’t give up his spot easily. He hopes that his new setup will help him get to number 1.

Photo by Discovery

On the other hand, though, new setups sometimes come with new problems. Even for some of the most experienced racers in the game, it can be hard to just put together some new parts and go. With a new torque converter that Chief is trying out, he’s trying to change the game which might not be simple.

By watching the video below, we get to enjoy a scene that is always welcome as two of the big dogs compete with each other to see who has more power. Watching races like this is very interesting and gives us something to look forward to as the storylines continue to develop throughout the latest season of Street Outlaws.

Video by Discovery

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