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Big Chief's Freak Incident As He Loses A Door at High Speed

The Monday night edition of Street Outlaws on Discovery Channel saw the popular stars of the show take their street racing skills to the historic Thunder Valley Raceway in Bristol, Tennessee. In a massive no prep race, drivers competed for the $100,000 total purse. Participants included the stars of Street Outlaws New Orleans and some of the biggest names in the world of no prep track racing.

Big Chief emerged as the winner, taking home the $60,000 prize, but it was not an easy win. During the eliminations, he faced off against fellow Top 10 List resident Doc in his Street Beast Monte Carlo. Doc is one of the few people who can claim to have beaten Big Chief on the 405 streets. The competition was intense, and the stakes were high as every driver battled it out for the coveted prize money.

Photo by Discovery

Fans of the show Street Outlaws are well aware of the intense battles that Doc and Chief have had on both the street and the track. Despite Doc's recent run of bad luck on the program, his car remains capable of outrunning almost anyone at any given time. With the Midwest Street Cars crew, Chief had the new Crow finely tuned and ready to take on the tricky Bristol track with hopes that its big rear tires will offer a firm grip while the Butler Performance Pontiac engine exerted full power.

Photo by National No Prep Racing Association

During their race, Doc appeared to take a more cautious approach, holding back his nitrous flames until he was further down the track. In contrast, Big Chief seized the opportunity at the flash of the green light and charged ahead of Doc. As the Crow widened its lead, the Street Beast began to move towards the center line, which prompted Doc to make a wise decision and shut down his car. Despite crossing the finish line first, Chief's vehicle experienced the bizarre incident of its passenger door flying off and tumbling onto the track. However, Chief continued the race, taping the door back on with duct tape and proceeding to finish eliminations with it in that condition. Yet, this minor inconvenience did not hinder Chief's momentum or motivation as he pursued the ultimate goal-victory and claiming the top spot in the race.

Photo by National No Prep Racing Association

By watching this video from National No Prep Racing Association, fans of Street Outlaws had a front-row seat to witness the dedication, skill, and drive of both Doc and Chief on the track. Although Chief's vehicle experienced a mishap during the race, he remained undeterred, and it didn't stop him from crossing the finish line first. His unwavering determination showed that in street racing, anything is possible when you're determined to win.

Video by National No Prep Racing Association

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