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Big Chief and Jackie Braasch: Thriving Beyond Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws, the thrilling reality TV show that delved into the world of underground street racing, introduced viewers to the dynamic duo of Big Chief (Justin Shearer) and Jackie Braasch. The couple's undeniable chemistry and exceptional racing skills captivated fans throughout their time on the show. However, since their departure from Street Outlaws, fans have been eagerly wondering what Big Chief and his girlfriend Jackie Braasch have been up to. In this article, we aim to provide an update on their current endeavors and shed light on their post-Street Outlaws lives.

Following his departure from Street Outlaws, Big Chief has been actively pursuing his passion for cars and racing. While maintaining a lower profile compared to his time on the show, he has continued to engage with fans through various platforms.

Photo by Big Chief 405

One of the key avenues for Big Chief's connection with fans is his YouTube channel, where he shares behind-the-scenes footage, car builds, and updates on his racing projects. Through this platform, he offers fans an intimate look into his life beyond Street Outlaws, allowing them to stay updated on his latest racing adventures and automotive endeavors.

Additionally, Big Chief has made appearances at various racing events across the country, showcasing his driving skills and competing against top-notch racers. While he may no longer be a regular face on the TV screen, his passion for racing remains as strong as ever.

As a talented racer in her own right, Jackie Braasch has been actively pursuing her racing dreams since leaving Street Outlaws. While her on-screen appearances may have decreased, she continues to make her mark in the motorsports community. Through social media platforms, Jackie keeps fans updated on her racing endeavors, sharing insights into her training sessions, competitions, and personal experiences. Fans can follow her journey as she competes in various events, showcasing her driving skills and tenacity on the track.

Big Chief and Jackie Testing Caddy Jack. Photo by Big Chief 405

Big Chief and Jackie Braasch's relationship extends beyond their shared passion for racing. As a couple, they continue to support and inspire each other's endeavors both on and off the track. While they may have taken separate paths since leaving Street Outlaws, their relationship remains strong, and they often collaborate on various projects and appear together at events.

Photo by Big Chief 405

As fans eagerly follow the journeys of Big Chief and Jackie Braasch, it's important to remember that their lives extend far beyond the cameras of Street Outlaws. While they may not be as prominently featured on the show anymore, they continue to pursue their shared love for cars and racing, connecting with fans through social media and other platforms. Their dedication and passion for the sport ensure that their legacies in the racing community will endure, while also fostering a sense of excitement for what the future holds.

Photo by Big Chief 405

For fans of Street Outlaws who have been curious about Big Chief and Jackie Braasch's lives after leaving the show, rest assured that they are both actively pursuing their passion for racing. Through their online presence, participation in events, and collaborative projects, they continue to captivate audiences and inspire racing enthusiasts worldwide. As they carve out their respective paths, fans can expect more updates, thrilling racing content, and shared experiences from Big Chief and Jackie Braasch, showcasing their enduring love for the sport.

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