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Behind The Big Chief's Big Crash and The Crow

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

One of the most significant incidents in Street Outlaws' history was when famed grudge racer, Brian "Chucky" Davis, united with several local racers and journeyed to Oklahoma City to compete against Big Chief and the elite racers of the 405 region. Following an exciting night of racing, the main event was prepared to begin, but Chief and Chucky made jokes about finishing early and departing to their families. Regrettably, they would soon wish they had kept that thought to themselves.

Photo by Discovery

When the cars took off, Chief had gained the lead of half a car length. However, those familiar with Brian Davis acknowledge that he never gives up. Hence, although his hot rod lost traction, he battled to maintain his lane and pressed down on the accelerator as much as possible. Nonetheless, as lightweight, high horsepower hot rods on slippery surfaces typically do, the car spun out of control, and Davis lost power, causing the car to collide with the driver's backside rear fender of the Crow, resulting in both vehicles being thrown into the distance with tremendous force.

Photo by Discovery

As Chuck's Mustang mercilessly tumbled down the street, Big Chief and the Crow veered off the floor and turned over and over, eventually stopping in a boulder-lined culvert after rolling over a chain link fence nearby. While both drivers could depart the vehicle independently, Chief was visibly ill at ease, tenderly nursing his back, which still bothers him to this day. Davis, unhurt in the accident, appeared shaken, but was more concerned about Chief's condition than himself or his car. The outcome was ultimately satisfactory, but for a brief moment, spectators at the starting line weren't sure if either driver would make it out of the tragedy alive.

Photo by Discovery

When we take a look at the actual wreck that took out the Crow, we can feel the tension that’s in the air as the car begins rolling and the relief that comes when we learn that Chief is still alive.

Check out the throwback scenario in the video below that shows us the race gone wrong. We can’t help but be happy that Chief would be able to get back behind the wheel again, but this is most definitely a feeling that we don’t want to have to witness again anytime soon.

Video by Discovery

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