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Axman Takes Aim at Drag Racing for "Unlimited Money"

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Larry Roach, also known as "Axman" because of the giant ax on the front and rear of his 1963 Chevy II, has one of the most recognizable cars in the no prep racing world. He has given up small tires for big ones and has found a new home in the no prep racing scene, becoming a regular on Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.

Photo by No Prep Racing

During a No Prep interview, Larry Roach revealed that the reason he switched to drag racing was "unlimited" amount of money. "Really, what got me to switch over was the radial tire racing was just unlimited money. It was who was willing to blow their shit up and put another engine in right there on the spot was going to win. My last radial race, we had a few issues. It just stressed me out. I was done, was actually gonna sell the car. I came back home, and I told my wife, ‘I quit.’ Then we went to a No Prep Kings race at Galot [Motorsports Park], and we had so much fun. We lost…I think we lost first round. We didn’t do that well our first race, but we enjoyed it. We couldn’t believe how much we enjoyed it. And that’s what I told myself – from now on, that’s the way racing was going to be. I don’t want to hate going racing. I love it because it’s my hobby, and that’s what I wanna keep it at."

He also manages to do it all with a two-person crew, with his wife. While Sarah can be seen lining him up at every race, Larry Roach explains that his wife is more than just a visual presence. He receives assistance from the Bruder Bros and Team Vixen, but Sarah is the crucial element that holds his racing program together.

Photo by No Prep Racing

This time, we bring you video Ride In-car with Larry Roach in his Procharged Power Chevy Nova at the No Prep Race in West Palm Beach. While most videos usually show great shots from the outside, we think it's equally important to see what the drivers and competitors experience from inside their cars.

Photo by TheRacingVids

Join the fun and experience the excitement of the race from the best seat in the house as you witness the immense power these race cars launch with and how difficult it is to keep them pointed in the right direction.

Video by TheRacingVids

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