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405 Hits the Streets in Street Outlaws Endgame

Street Outlaws gives viewers an inside look into the world of American street racing. It shows the best mechanics, engineers and drivers showing off their skills. Well, “End Game” refers to a new Street Outlaws series the gang are filming right now that’s joined by 405, NOLA, Memphis team and so on.

Photo by Street Outlaws Facebook

Fans have spotted some drivers posting a lot recently on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag “End Game” as they were building their car for this spin-off, such as Murder Nova, Ryan Martin, Kye Kelley, JJ Da Boss… When fans take a look at the competition on Street Outlaws, plenty probably don’t exactly realize just how much effort it takes to be successful in just about any form of racing. Sure, we see a small subset of what it takes to win on the television show. However, TV doesn’t even come close to showcasing the effort that is spent behind the scenes, making sure the car is ready for race day.

Photo by Speed Society

After a few exciting weeks building and testing, their new ride is a state-of-the-art race car that’s going to shake up the Street Outlaws End Game. Today, it is time to finally see the cars in action and find out who’s got what it takes to leave Vegas with a purse of about one hundred thousand dollars. We have been paying close attention to the builds and it appears that these guys had different ways to build their street cars that will be racing in the Street Outlaws Endgame competition.

Photo by Speed Society

As fan favorites, Murder Nova and Ryan Martin have extra incentive to do what it takes to stay at the front of the pack. With that, there is certainly a ton of time and money spent to make sure that their cars are on top of its game at any given time. JJ always tries to mention how rich Ryan Martin is and how he has all the money in the world put into his racecars. However, it appears that Ryan Marin and Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington have picked wrong transmission and gearing of their build. And that is about to show once they put up their cars against the competition.

Photo by Murder Nova Facebook

Kye Kelley being Kye Kelley, went all out for the race part of this build so he has shown up with a car that is not even able to charge its battery, and that puts him a step closer to the grand prize of one hundred thousand dollars than the other guys.

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing

Just like Ryan Martin and Kye Kelley, JJ figured out this type of show that requires a street build is one of the greatest opportunities that he can make power in great shape and his Gray Goose will show amazing passes.

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