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3 Teammate Rivalries That Could Get Out of Hand in The No Prep Kings 2022 Season

Throughout the history of the No Prep Kings, there have been multiple examples of teammates clashing with one another – Jeff Lutz VS Ryan Martin, Jeff Lutz VS Daddy Dave, Kye Kelley VS Jerry Bird, Kye Kelley VS Lizzy Musi, to name a few.

There are multiple instances of teammates not getting on with each other. On that note, here's a look at three teammate rivalries that could get out of hand during the 2022 No Prep Kings season:

1. Ryan Martin and Daddy Dave

Photo by Upshift

With a pairing like Daddy Dave and Ryan Martin, these buddies from the 405 don’t usually have a ton of drama thrown in each other’s direction. They’ve raced each other so many times that each one knows how fast the other is and generally if they do face off with one another, it’s a pretty straight-up and honest affair.

When the No Prep Kings season kicked off at Palm Beach International Raceway, right from the get-go, there was a little bit of drama to mix things up a bit.

The controversial race happened in the quarterfinals of the event where Ryan Martin was coming off of a run where he was actually down a cylinder but still managed to put himself in position to advance. In the next round, he drew Daddy Dave, and ironically enough, Dave was the only person on the premises who had the right part to help Martin fix his car. After being a good sport and helping Martin to get his machine back up and running again, the two would head to the starting line to throw down against one another.

Photo by Discovery

During the race, everything goes down smoothly as each competitor appears to have a really solid pass. With that, Martin appears to cross the finish line first but at the end of it all, Dave was the one declared the winner via his win light.

Photo by Discovery

Down in the video below, though, we get a little bit more detail about exactly what happened and how it was handled. After getting the win light, it has to be difficult to hand over the win, even if you are pretty confident that there was a timing system malfunction. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if a competitor was able to force a re-run due to the error.

Video by Discovery

2. Jeff Lutz and Daddy Dave

Both of these competitors are widely regarded as fan favorites and also two of the fastest to make their way down the streets of the 405. They were also likely two of the fastest cars on the No Prep Kings at Virginia Motorsports Park.

In this particular situation, it’s an early-round throw-down between Jeff Lutz’s Pontiac GTO and Dave’s sinister Goliath Chevrolet Nova. When friends race friends, things are even more personal than ever. Naturally, as these guys race each other all the time, they know each other’s builds inside and out. Lutz has a pretty good idea of how fast Dave is going to go. Meanwhile, having raced Lutz so many times, Dave has an intimate understanding of what’s going on with that Pontiac GTO in the next lane over.

Daddy Dave is certainly one of the fastest in the game but not even he would like to see that Pontiac GTO in the next lane over when it comes to racing for the win. However, Daddy Dave also isn’t one to back down so, in the video below, we get to follow along with all of the action of thrilling weekend at Virginia Motorsports Park.

Video by Discovery

3. Bird Brothers and Kye Kelley

The third round of No Prep Kings at Virginia Motorsports Park saw a match-up between Team New Orleans, the Bird Brothers and Kye Kelley.

Despite the rumors, the Bird Brothers did beat Kye Kelley third round as shown in the video but due to a prior agreement made before the race, Jerry Bird didn’t cross the scales due to “guessing” at the tree, giving the win to Kye. “Guessing” in no prep racing often means anticipating the tree, rather than reacting to the green light.

Jerry Bird kept his word, although he left on green, what looked to be a close to perfect reaction. He was disqualified for bypassing the scales and Kye moved on to win the event.

Sources tell us that Kye did give half of his winnings with the team, so respect there.

Video by DragCoverage

What's your favorite race of the 2022 season so far? Tell us in the comments below.

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