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2014 Mustang GT Crashes During Mid-Race in Street Outlaws: Locals Only

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

In the exhilarating episode of Street Outlaw: Locals Only, our beloved hosts Farmtruck and AZN embark on a thrilling journey through the No Prep Kings circuit. Instead of actively participating in the heart-pounding races against top-notch competitors, they seize the opportunity to delve into the local racing scene, shining a spotlight on talented racers and their impressive rides from all corners of the country.

In this particular episode, their destination is the vibrant city of Houston, TX, where a timeless rivalry between Chevy and Ford takes center stage in the world of drag racing.

Photo by Discovery

On one side of the race, we are introduced to the formidable 1968 Chevrolet Camaro driven by Luis. This powerhouse of a vehicle is equipped with a potent big-block Chevrolet engine, enhanced by the raw power of nitrous oxide. Standing as its worthy adversary is a 2014 Ford Mustang driven by Eric, boasting a powerful small-block Ford engine accompanied by a twin-turbo setup.

Photo by Discovery

Unfortunately, amidst the intense competition, we are reminded of the inherent risks involved in drag racing, where unforeseen circumstances can swiftly lead to significant damage. These risks are magnified when high-powered combinations clash on a no-prep surface, which tends to be more treacherous and slippery compared to a traditional drag racing track.

Photo by Discovery

Regrettably, in this specific race, Eric's Mustang veered slightly off the racing groove, causing the car to slide sideways. The consequences were devastating, as the Mustang made contact with the wall and unintentionally collected Luis and his Camaro in the process. Thankfully, both drivers emerged from the incident unharmed. Nevertheless, witnessing such an unexpected turn of events is always disheartening, particularly considering the tremendous time and effort invested by racers to bring their meticulously tuned machines to the track on race day.

Video by Discovery

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